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Chemspace is

Chemspace is the largest catalogue of small molecules: Building Blocks, Fragments, and Screening Compounds. More »

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17 September 2020

REAL space for scaffold hopping

Last August, a group of researchers from Germany and Ukraine, published an article 'SAR by space: enriching hit sets from the chemical space', which describes the application of a new REAL space

14 September 2020

Molecules of the week-Heteroaromatic sulfonyl halides derivatives

Heteroaromatic sulfonyl halides derivatives are the Molecules of This Week. We at Chemspace always have new small molecules to power up your research. To browse the set please use the link.

4 September 2020

Pre-Plated RNA-targeted library

Chemspace's Pre-Plated RNA-targeted Library consists of drug-like compounds and provides an excellent basis for drug discovery projects.