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Drug Repurposing Library


Drug discovery is a cost-consuming process. Different strategies exist to decrease the costs and maximize the outcome. And drug repurposing is one of the approaches. Also referred to as drug repositioning or reprofiling, this includes investigations on the unknown activity of the marketed or discontinued drugs or declined candidates to have the unforeseen activity.
Chemspace offers the set of compounds that have a proven activity. The data on a target, a mechanism of action, and a clinical status are taken from Broad Repurposing library and included into the SD-file.
Ordering options: full set or cherry-picked selection.

The main drives of drug repurposing are plain to see. First of all, drug or candidate could contribute to various, apparently non-related conditions.
Then, discovery of the new targets for the known drugs (mainly old as those are not profiled as thoroughly as the newly launched ones) is another promising source of information. Usually not many investigations are conducted on how the drug could affect other biological systems.
And finally, the drug developing process is usually focused on only one therapeutic effect, and revealing the new target-disease associations is very important to pharmacology overall.

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