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Pre-Plated Sets


Please discover our Hit Discovery set of Pre-Plated compounds!
To make this set, we have selected the compounds from our Screening collection that have favorable PhysChem profile: over 90% compounds in the full set have QED≥0.5, and over 50% have QED≥0.8.

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For more details, please contact us at info@chem-space.com.

This set is assembled of 5 preplated subsets:
Representative set is a small diverse selection of the Chemspace Screening collection.
Unique set consists of compounds that lack close analogs in purchasable chemical space, are built on non-overused frameworks and have favorable physicochemical profiles.
FragmentLike, LeadLike and DrugLike sets are selected from Chemspace compounds that comply with Rule of 3, Rule of 4 and Rule of 5, respectively.