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Active Chem-Block

326 Edison Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong New Area
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Who We Are:

Founding in 2019, Active chem-block focus on providing Active Building Block and its library to reduce the R&D timeline. We keep good relationship with all of Chinese local reagent companies and more than 200 China local R&D Labs and small pharma companies. We also are the Chinese distributor of Chem-space, which is the chemical platform with Enamine as their strategic supplier in US. 

What We Do:

  • Six Fragment libraries ( the Amine, Acid, Amino acid, Aldehyde, Boric acid/ester, Fluoride and Alkene/Alkyne) can be selected according customer requirement from more than 100,000 in-stock Building Blocks from China local suppliers;      
  • More than 200 China local R&D Labs can provide custom synthesis from mg to Kg scale according to their product lines;
  • More than 10 cooperation factories can provide above kg scale custom synthesis;
  • Import Novel Building Blocks and Screening Compound Library from Chem-space to China.

Who We Service:

Our customer is from China local CRO, Academic institution, Biotech company, Reagent company to Big Pharm.

Email: li_jinfei@acblock-lab.com