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For long years, have been supplying numbers of products and information from all over the world to our customers in need. Our customers are spreading in the various fields such as pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, chemicals, foods, electronics industries, and also universities and various types of public institution in Japan.
In the past years, Japan has been facing the rapid globalization trend and that is creating the extremely intense demands to the products and information from overseas.

Taking advantage of our global networks built upon our long term experiences, we are connecting the required products or information in the world to our customers and we further bring the new valuable products and information to our customers from our side too.

The globalization of our country is speeding up and the rapid development of scientific technologies is bringing the big wave of innovation into every market. Under this condition, our customers need much more professional and sophisticated overseas products and information.

In order to respond to our customers’ such request timely and properly, we always work hard to get the most updated and provisional information while receiving the advices from our professional staffs in each field.

It is our fundamental mission to bring the valuable products and information from all over the world to our customers working in the fields such as research and development, purchasing, producing, distributing in the pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, foods, chemicals and electronics markets, or , in academic area like universities and public institutions.

We will be looking forward to receiving your inquiry for any product or information from abroad.