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Medicinal Chemistry Support

As a part of Delivering Discovery Solutions™, Chemspace offers comprehensive medicinal chemistry support to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and academia. Our expertise covers all aspects of modern medicinal chemistry, from project planning to hit evaluation and validation, lead optimization, and pre-clinical development. In conjunction with in vitro biology and ADMET and DMPK teams, data generation has a fast turnaround time supporting iterative discovery process. Our scientists are familiar with the fast-paced environment, short time frames and unique challenges encountered in research and drug discovery. We can help our customers initiate and accelerate their research and drug discovery programs and tailor our services to their expectations and needs.

Our scientists are experienced in generating unique molecules meaningful for SAR generation and optimization paradigm. Due to the vast knowledge base in chemistry, we can solve any challenge in shortest possible time.

Communication is a big part of the success for any project. We enjoy working together to help you address and overcome the challenges of your project. We are flexible in collaboration models and custom tailor projects to address timely delivery of results within budget.

At Chemspace, we are committed to forming solid relationships with you, our clients, with the goal of becoming an integral part of your research and development team!

Please contact us at info@chem-space.com for more information.