Meet Chemspace Monthly Digest!


Here is a summary of all Chemspace news and highlights for September in case you have missed them:



1. Chemspace-Iktos Webinar "Retrosynthesis in the AI era: opportunities and pitfalls"!

The recording is now available by this link.



1. Now Chemspace offers 3 times more - 240 million chemical building blocks from numerous suppliers!

2. REAL space for scaffold hopping


Building Block sets:

1. Drug Candidate Analogs. "Compound 19"

2. Building Block Analogs of Pralsetinib

3. Molecules of the week-Heteroaromatic sulfonyl halides derivatives

4. Molecules of This Week are Heteroaromatic Nitriles



1. Pre-Plated RNA-targeted library

2. Building Blocks for DEL


There are 4 NEW SUPPLIERS this month:

1. Alfa Chemistry Materials

2. Aaron Chemicals

3. Advanced Organic Synthesis

4. eNovation Chemicals