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Molecular Forecaster Inc. was founded in 2010 by Dr. Eric Therrien and Prof. Nicolas Moitessier as a spin-off from McGill University. In 2016, Dr. Joshua Pottel took over as President. The company has an exclusive agreement with McGill University for the distribution and use of the FORECASTER and VIRTUAL CHEMIST Platforms - including the FITTED docking program, the IMPACTS site of metabolism prediction protocol, and the ACE asymmetric catalysis simulation algorithm.

Molecular Forecaster Inc. is a leading scientific company that distributes the FORECASTER and VIRTUAL CHEMIST platforms and offers contract research services. We are a team of specialized scientists with work experience in medicinal, synthetic, and computational chemistry.

Ultimately, we are experimentalists with expertise in molecular modeling. We leverage our knowledge of chemical principles to solve chemical and biochemical problems virtually; we develop our own high accuracy programs with unique, customizable features.