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139 suppliers from 21 countries

Company nameRegion NameCountry Name
Nanjing HaBo Medical Technology Co., Ltd.Nanjing HaBo Medical Technology Co., Ltd.Asia & PacificChina
Achemo Scientific LimitedAchemo Scientific LimitedAsia & PacificHong Kong
Allbio pharm Co., LtdAllbio pharm Co., LtdAsia & PacificChina
LEAP CHEM Co., Ltd.LEAP CHEM Co., Ltd.Asia & PacificChina
ELK (Wuhan) Biotechnology CO., LtdELK (Wuhan) Biotechnology CO., LtdAsia & PacificChina
StruChem CO., LTDStruChem CO., LTDAsia & PacificChina
Angene International LimitedAngene International LimitedAsia & PacificChina
ChemFacesChemFacesAsia & PacificChina
JH CHEMICAL HK CO.,ltd/Hangzhou Jhechem co.,ltdJH CHEMICAL HK CO.,ltd/Hangzhou Jhechem co.,ltdAsia & PacificChina
Nanjing KaimuboNanjing KaimuboAsia & PacificChina
Lan Pharmatech Ltd.Lan Pharmatech Ltd.Asia & PacificChina
Atomax ChemicalsAtomax ChemicalsAsia & PacificChina
Elsa Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.Elsa Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.Asia & PacificChina
Shanghai Sunway Pharmaceutical Technology Co., LtdShanghai Sunway Pharmaceutical Technology Co., LtdAsia & PacificChina
Wuhan Feiyue Biotechnology Co., LTD.Wuhan Feiyue Biotechnology Co., LTD.Asia & PacificChina
labseeker Inclabseeker IncAsia & PacificChina
BioBioPha Co., Ltd.BioBioPha Co., Ltd.Asia & PacificChina
Advanced Molecular TechnologiesAdvanced Molecular TechnologiesAsia & PacificAustralia
Wuhan Sun-shine Bio-technology Corporation LimitedWuhan Sun-shine Bio-technology Corporation LimitedAsia & PacificChina
Wuhan LPBchem Technology Co.,LtdWuhan LPBchem Technology Co.,LtdAsia & PacificChina
Acadechem Co., LtdAcadechem Co., LtdAsia & PacificHong Kong
Shanghai Mathcon Pharmaceutical Co.,LTD.Shanghai Mathcon Pharmaceutical Co.,LTD.Asia & PacificChina
Chemenu Inc.Chemenu Inc.Asia & PacificChina
Finetech Industry LimitedFinetech Industry LimitedAsia & PacificChina
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