AI-Supported Focused Libraries

Chemspace and PharmAI composed 1,400 specialized focused libraries for the hottest drug targets, now available for purchase on our website. This option is the perfect choice for determining the appropriate composition of the screening library for a given target in your drug discovery project. Using PharmAI’s proprietary technology, the focused libraries were built from Chemspace's extensive collection of over 5.5 million unique compounds. Essentially, a focused library is a selection of approximately 5,000 in-stock compounds – ensuring swift delivery of potential hits to our clients.
These collections represent a significant advancement in drug discovery with instant access to data which would otherwise require a tedious virtual screening campaign. We invite you to explore these libraries, benefit from the high hit rates and take advantage of this exciting collaboration. PharmAI is a company with a clear mission – to revolutionize early-stage drug discovery. The company develops groundbreaking AI-powered software for the analysis of 3D protein structures, effectively increasing success rates while significantly reducing costs in the drug discovery process.
Pharma AI Focused Library Schema Gryniukova et al. (2023) J Med Chem 2023, 66, 15, 10241