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Chemspace is

Chemspace is the largest catalogue of small molecules: Building Blocks, Fragments, and Screening Compounds. More »

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26 October 2020

Molecules of This Week are 1,3-Diazo-Heterocycles

1,3-Diazo-heterocycles are the Molecules of This Week. We at Chemspace always have new small molecules to power up your research. To browse the set please use the link.

23 October 2020

Chem-space.com: an overview

Join ChemSpace Webinar «chem-space.com: an overview», which will take place at 5:00 PM (CET) on November, 5. During the webinar we will focus on such topics as: How does chem-space.com works?

20 October 2020

Covalent Modifiers for Covalent Docking

This August, a group of researchers published an article 'Using sulfuramidimidoyl fluorides (SAFs) that undergo sulfur(vi) fluoride exchange for inverse drug discovery'.