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Chemspace is the largest database of small molecules: Building Blocks, Fragments, and Screening Compounds. We also provide Medicinal chemistry services through valued partners. Our main goal is to deliver high-quality drug discovery solutions to the clients. More »

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11 December 2018

Bicyclo[1.1.1]pentane derivatives

Bicyclo[1.1.1]pentane is one of the smallest bicycle bridge systems. In the last couple of years, one can find this core in numerous drug discovery and medchem projects. That fact could be...

6 December 2018

Winter Sale 10% OFF

Winter holidays are coming. What holidays without presents? Starting from December 6, we offer a 10% discount on compounds sets (more than 100 compounds in an order).

12 November 2018

Piperidine analogs and derivatives

This week, we present piperidine analogs and derivatives. Piperidine is among three rings frequently found in drugs and a popular fragment in medchem projects as the ring itself occurs in...