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Molecules of the week

News and Events

6 March 2018

Acquisition for Compound Screening Libraries

Chemspace is delighted to exhibit at Innovation in Design and acquisition for Compound Screening Libraries Conference.

20 February 2018

Sulfonyl Chlorides. Part 3

To choose molecules of this week, we searched for those with simultaneously present three key features: the smallest cycle, cyclopropyl ring; the smallest substituent, fluorine; and...

13 February 2018

Events Calendar 2018

The list of the upcoming events for the first half of the 2018 year where Chemspace team will be participating at is available now.

About us

Chemspace database comprises building blocks, fragments, and screening compounds. In fact, Chemspace is the largest database of the molecules on demand! Choosing a source of molecules for your projects has been always a challenge, because you need a source that delivers required molecule in the required amount with the required purity and on time. At Chemspace, we understand your needs as we had faced the same challenges while working in the lab.


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