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Hit Finding

Our Hit Finding services provide innovative solutions for hit compound identification. Utilizing cutting-edge approaches like machine learning (ML), fragment-based drug discovery, and ML-boosted giga-scale docking, we select potential drug-like molecules with precision. Our services also leverage the full potential of the DNA-encoded libraries method, which enables you to screen up to 3B compounds in a single tube.

Research Informatics

After initial hits are confirmed, the next step of drug development includes hit expansion. We offer a wide range of services for investigation related to hit compounds like SAR-study, virtual screening, molecular dynamics simulation, and numerous ML-based services. Discover our services that provide a practical solution for your research projects.

Integrated Drug Discovery

We at Chemspace offer a comprehensive Integrated Drug Discovery service utilizing a key component – Design-Make-Test-Analyze cycle. Due to the seamless collaboration of experts in medicinal chemistry, synthetic chemistry (Enamine), computational chemistry, and molecular biology (Bienta), we can accomplish each cycle within 10-15 business days.

How we work

Background information about your Target Share with us all the information about your research.
Get in touch with a Scientist We would like to understand your goals and find ways to speed up your program.
We will manage the task Our experts will finish the task within the given time limits.
Final report and results You will receive results and a full report on the work done.