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The Comprehensive Collection of Chemical Building Blocks

At Chemspace, we aim to deliver chemical building blocks to fulfill the needs of your projects. Therefore, we have gathered the largest database of chemical building blocks so that you can conveniently search tens of millions of compounds within a few seconds and enjoy the best purchasing experience.

With more than {SUMMARY:bb} chemical building blocks from numerous suppliers, Chemspace offers the most comprehensive coverage of the chemical space available through a single source.

Equipped with powerful database functionality and various search options including Exact Match, Substructure, and Similarity, Chemspace provides researchers with an ultimate tool for decision making and chemicals procurement. The products in our database range from widely demanded classes of chemical building blocks like amines and carboxylic acids to exclusively rare compounds like sulfoximines and phenyl bioisosteres.

With this approach, Chemspace makes it possible to cover the needs of various medicinal chemistry programs and pharmaceutical researches including lead oriented combinatorial synthesis, hit-to-lead and lead optimization projects, as well as the needs of synthetic chemistry providing reagents for click chemistry, couplings, and photoredox transformations.

Diverse Chemical Building Blocks with Focus on Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Research remain solely reliant on synthetic chemistry methodologies and therefore demand diverse chemical building blocks offer meeting strict requirements in terms of not only physico-chemical properties but also chemical reactiveness.

With the aim of addressing this demand, Chemspace focuses on molecules with less than 19 heavy atoms making its database attractive for medicinal chemists and drug design specialists. Chemspace database comprises over 240 million chemical building blocks including widely utilized primary and secondary amines, carboxylic acids, amino acid derivatives, alkylating and arylating agents, sulfonyl halides, aldehydes and ketones, alkylhydrazines and arylhydrazines, alcohols, phenols, thiols, amidoximes and amidines, aryl bromides and aryl iodides, boronic acids, organic azides, terminal acetylenes, fluorinated and spirocyclic compounds and many more. The database is constantly growing to cover novel developments and niche products.

With Chemspace you get: