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CNS Pre-Plated Focused Library


Effective Drug Discovery for the central nervous system poses unique challenges, particularly in terms of achieving penetration through the blood-brain barrier. Chemspace can provide you with a solution to this problem by offering a variety of non-polar, small compounds that do not contain any PAINS or toxic fragments.

Chemspace’s Pre-Plated CNS Focused Library is a subset of the original CNS Focused Library and gives you easy access to optimized compounds for research related to central nervous system Drug Discovery.

All compounds accord with the following physchem limitations:
― MW ≤ 450
― logP ≤ 5
― HBD count ≤ 4
― HBA count ≤ 8
― RB count ≤ 8
― H-bond count ≤ 8
― pKa 6.5-10.5, neutral or basic compounds
― TPSA 40-100 Å2
All compounds are dissolved in DMSO and provided by world-renowned suppliers: Enamine and UORSY. If you have any questions or want to enquire, contact us at info@chem-space.com.