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Covalent Modifiers


Covalent modifier drugs bind by forming a covalent chemical bond with their target. This type of interaction can significantly improve the selectivity of a drug if the target has complementary reactivity.
Covalent bonds are stronger than non-covalent interactions, which means a possibly much higher affinity. Both reversible and irreversible bonding may occur.
Now molecules with covalent warheads attract researchers’ attention as possible antiviral, antibacterial and anticancer agents.

Here at Chemspace, we created 40 different covalent modifiers sets based on the warhead of the molecule. This was done to ensure the best convenience for the researchers while working with our product.

Two of the sets are listed separately Lysine Targeted Covalent Modifiers and Cysteine Targeted Covalent Modifiers. They are based on the residue, which tends to be the binding molecule in the target.
Each compound in the sets contains a covalent binder in it. These include amides, ketones, boronic acids, oxetanes, and much more!
Click here to explore the full list of the set options!
Please also discover our Covalent Fragments library which contains compounds that accord with Rule of 3 and possess the possible covalent warhead.
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