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Legacy Screening Library


Discover the power of early-stage Drug Discovery with Chemspace's Legacy Screening Library. This unique library was created in collaboration between two of Ukraine's top chemical suppliers, Enamine and UORSY. It boasts an impressive 1.76 million in-stock compounds, which is 44% more than its previous version, showcasing the rich scientific heritage of both companies.

We offer flexible purchasing options to suit your needs: “One-Time purchase“ and an “Open Order purchase“ for fixed pricing over a year.
This way, you can plan your budget with confidence, knowing that Chemspace is committed to providing these compounds at a consistent price.
At Chemspace, our team is passionate about helping researchers around the globe access the latest and greatest chemical spaces.

For more details on the Legacy Screening Library, feel free to reach out to us at info@chem-space.com or take a look at our informative flyer for a quick overview.


Physicochemical Properties of the Library

• 51.3% drug-like compounds • 3.7% PAINS
• 44.4% lead-like compounds • 2.7% fragment-like compounds
• 11.2% shaped molecules (9.3% disc & 1.9% sphere) • 0.8% natural-like compounds
• 4.9% high QED (QED=0.9)