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High QED Compounds Pre-Plated Library


There exist several metrics for drug-likeness measurement. The well-known Lipinski Rule of 5 for a long time was one of the trusted guidelines for selecting screening compounds in Drug Discovery projects. However, following this rule can lead to filtering out promising candidates due to separate evaluation of interconnected physicochemical parameters. Some approved drugs violate at least one of the parameters in the rule.
Using a Quantitative Estimate of Druglikeness (QED) can help overcome such limitations. QED considers the main molecular properties together to provide an integrative score for evaluating a compound's potential to become a hit. Each property is weighed based on its influence on the compound's drug-likeness.

We at Chemspace offer High QED Compounds Pre-Plated Library over 48k potential drug candidates which possess a QED score of over 0.9 and were selected from In-Stock High QED compounds
All compounds in High QED Pre-Plated Library are dissolved in DMSO and provided by Enamine and UORSY, reliable world-renowned producers.

For more information about the set or enquiring, contact us at info@chem-space.com.