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Hit Discovery set


Please discover our Hit Discovery set of Pre-Plated compounds!
To make this set, we have selected the compounds from our Screening collection that have favorable PhysChem profiles: over 90% of compounds in the full set have QED≥0.5, and over 50% have QED≥0.8.
This set is assembled of 5 pre-plated subsets:
The Representative set is a small diverse selection of the Chemspace Screening collection.

The Unique set consists of compounds that lack close analogs in purchasable chemical space, are built on non-overused frameworks and have favorable physicochemical profiles.
FragmentLike, LeadLike and DrugLike sets are selected from Chemspace compounds that comply with Rule of 3, Rule of 4, and Rule of 5, respectively.
For more details, please contact us at info@chem-space.com.