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Ion Channels Targeted Pre-Plated Library


Ion channels are proteins found in cell membranes that allow the delivery of ions throw the cell's surface, creating and controlling voltage potential. They are crucial in various organism functions, like muscle and nerve relaxation, sensory transduction, blood pressure regulation, and cell proliferation.
To aid in Drug Discovery related to ion channels, the Chemspace computational services team has created the initial Ion Channels Targeted Library (36.7K). They used a Ligand-Based Virtual Screening (LBVS) method called the Ultrafast Shape Recognition with CREDO Atom Types (USRCAT) to select structurally diverse compounds that share 3D molecular shapes with minimal topological similarity. This means that compounds from the library have the potential to interact with the corresponding receptor despite having different structures and potentially could show activity against various ion channel targets.

Now Chemspace offers the Ion Channels Targeted Pre-Plated Library that includes over 3200 compounds selected from our Ion Channels Targeted Library (36.7K). Overall, the Ion Channels Targeted Pre-Plated Library can be a valuable source for Medicinal Chemistry researchers engaged in Drug Development that targets ion channels.
All compounds from Ion Channels Targeted Pre-Plated Library are provided by reliable suppliers (Enamine and UORSY), pre-dissolved in DMSO, and ready for shipping!

To learn more about this set, fill free to contact us at info@chem-space.com.