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NexMR Fragment Library


NexMR AG and Chemspace LLC have announced a strategic partnership focused on advancing fragment libraries for photoinduced hyperpolarized NMR technology, which can accelerate NMR measurements by over 10,000 times, facilitating rapid and cost-effective screenings using both high-field and benchtop NMR spectrometers.
Our collaboration will introduce the NMhare™ library, consisting of 500 and 1,000 diverse chemical fragments, each pre-dosed with a photoinduction kit designed for ultrafast NMR experiments at low sample concentrations.

This partnership is set to expand the known chemical space and enhance hit-to-lead optimization processes by integrating Chemspace's extensive catalog of small molecules with NexMR's innovative photoinduction technology.
This technology not only accelerates the screening process but also enables more efficient exploration of molecular interactions, potentially leading to the discovery of novel drug candidates.
For any questions feel free to contact us at info@chem-space.com