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OpenDEL - Billions in A Vial!


DNA-encoded chemical libraries (DEL) is an emerging technology combines benefits from both high-throughput screening and display technologies. The power of DEL lies in the ability to screen billions of small molecules in a single tube for interaction with a molecular target of interest.
Now Chemspace offers you OpenDEL®, a self-serve product from HitGen Inc. OpenDEL® has previously been released by HitGen Inc. in 2015. After several years of evolution, it now contains small molecule DELs with high diversity and drug-like space and helps to increase the possibility of finding potential hits in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

The advantages of OpenDEL®
1. Transparent: All DEL information (reagents and codons) is open to clients
2. Knowledge-sharing: Technical supports on self-service selection, sequencing and analysis
3. Reliable: Decent compound diversity with robust chemistry and strict library QC
4. Affordable: An affordable product that is easily accessible

Please contact us at info@chem-space.com for more details.