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Covalent Fragments Pre-Plated set


Discover our new Pre-Plated Covalent Fragments set! 4987 high quality ready-to-screen compounds pre-plated into 5 subsets.
From this library, cherry-picking is available by plates. On request, we can prepare more plates with the compounds from our Covalent Fragments and Covalent Modifiers. Please contact us at info@chem-space.com for more details.

1) alpha, beta-unsaturated acceptors (amides, esters, ketones, nitriles sulfonyl amides, sulfones as acceptors, and both double and triple bonds as unsaturated parts)
2) halides: alkyl, alkenyl, and imidoyl
3) carbamates
4) terminal alkynes
5) mixed plates (some more compounds to the large sets, and other warheads):
- heterocycles (aziridines, beta-lactams, oxetanes, oxiranes, quinones)
- isocyanates and isothiocyanates
- sulfonyl halides
- thio: thiols and thioureas