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Covalent Fragments Pre-Plated Library


While Covalent modifiers were once considered too reactive or toxic for Drug Discovery, recent research has shown that many drugs people have used for a long time are covalent binders. In fact, nearly 30% of marketed drugs are covalent binders, and investigations are underway to discover new applications for Covalent modifiers in the treatment of arthritis, bacterial and viral infections, and cancer.

Covalent Fragments Pre-Plated Library is a collection of 1400 compounds specifically designed to target proteins through covalent bonding. The compounds in this Library were chosen from Chemspace's Selected Screening set (7.1M) based on their Fragment-like physicochemical properties (Rule of 3) and containing potential covalent warheads in the molecule, e.g., acrylamides, chloroacetamides, 2-chloropropioamines, sulfonyl_fluorides, etc.

Chemspace offers the Covalent Fragments Pre-Plated Library as a unique and valuable resource for researchers working on covalent Drug Discovery projects, providing a high-quality collection of compounds with potential covalent binders that can be used to design selective and effective inhibitors.

All compounds in the Covalent Fragments Pre-Plated Library are dissolved in DMSO and provided by reliable world-renowned producers.

For all the details, contact us at info@chem-space.com