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Extended HTS Pre-Plated set


High throughput screening (HTS) remains a very useful tool in drug discovery. Despite alternatives like virtual screening, there are cases when HTS is the only solution: no target structure available or just cell-based screens are necessary. In vitro tests of a moderately sized diverse library can also be a good starting point in a drug discovery campaign – and pre-plated libraries are ideal candidates for the primary steps because they are inexpensive and readily available!

Features of Extended HTS set:
- Medchem friendly – over 99% of compounds are PAINS-free, and over 80% pass strict BRENK filters
- Lead-Like – MW ≤ 400, logP ≤ 4, RB ≤ 4, HBD ≤ 4, HBA ≤ 8
- TPSA ≤ 140 and HAC
Please contact us for more info on plating options at info@chem-space.com.