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RNA-Targeted Library


RNAs participate in more cell mechanisms than it has been thought before. Aside from transferring information from the DNA, this type of biomolecules appears to affect numerous cell processes: very small part of the transcripts actually codes proteins.
Targeting RNA with small molecules was suggested after discovering “druggability” of the nucleic acids similar to that of proteins. The targeting could be aimed at cell processes in humans or blocking RNA functions in bacteria or viruses.

For Chemspace Pre-Plated RNA-targeted library, we focused on 15 binding motifs in different RNAs associated with bacterial and viral infections. We have selected the compounds from our Screening Compound Collection utilizing both ligand- and target-based approaches. Compounds similar to the known RNA binders have been scored using molecular docking, and only those with high predicted activity were picked. The annotations to the target and docking score are available.
Please contact us at info@chem-space.com for more information plating options and cherry-picking.