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Screening Compound Catalog


Our Screening Compound Catalog comprises 7+ million compounds provided by reliable world-renowned suppliers.

All compounds included in the catalog have passed a number of substructure, similarity, and physicochemical properties filters. Besides, the catalog had been checked for the presence of toxic, bad, and reactive groups and filtered out from the collection by the in-house filters.

Chemical Screening libraries are widely used in drug and lead structure discovery. Hence, our Screening Compound Catalog comprises a large number of substances that enable us to cover a relatively wide area of chemical space (natural products-like, drug-like, and lead-like compounds, macrocyclic compounds, fragments collections, etc).

We have also created several subsets, that might suit your type of research more precisely:

Lead-Like Compounds Set was created from Screening Compound Catalog by application of lead-like parameters. Such compounds can be potent hits and have a good development profile.

Natural-Like Compound Set was created using natural-product likeness score on Screening Compound Catalog. The method utilized to create this set is described in this article.
Natural products (NPs) have been optimized in a very long natural selection process for optimal interactions with biological macromolecules. Therefore, they are an excellent source of validated substructures for the design of novel bioactive molecules.

You can find a more detailed description in the PDF documents, attached to the libraries.

For more information, please contact us at info@chem-space.com.

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