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Our mission

Our mission is to help facilitate new drug discovery, material science research, and process development. We do this by connecting chemical suppliers and buyers across the globe; in turn, improving delivery timelines of reagents for synthesis and reducing chemical purchasing costs. We believe in creating a level playing field for chemical purchasing that is ruled by fair play principles.

Recent technological advancements have removed the barriers for global outsourcing and changed research and development team’s research habits. Chemspace applies these technologies to everyday chemical procurement and distribution needs, giving buyers all the tools and information they need to make informed business decisions. By opening the lines of communication between chemical buyers and suppliers worldwide, compound sourcing and compound acquisition is simplified.

Our unique chemical ecommerce system enables chemical buyers to access supplier reviews and ratings, and leave feedback on their experience. Chemical compound suppliers can feature their products in this chemical database, free of charge.

We serve the community of pharmaceutical and biotech scientists, procurement specialists, businesses, and universities who use chemical reagents as raw materials for process development, material science research, and drug discovery. We provide complete, accurate, and transparent information on commercially-available, fine, organic chemicals. We strive to streamline and facilitate the growth of drug development processes, the discovery and design of new materials, and to optimize the performance of supply chain by simplifying chemical purchasing procedures.