Dear friends and colleagues! Join the Chemspace & Molecular Forecaster Webinar 'Democratizing computer-aided drug design with accessible services, software, and molecules', which will take place at 5:00 PM (CET)/11:00 AM (EST) TOMORROW.


'Molecular Forecaster (MFI) is an organically-grown computational chemistry software developer and service provider. We leverage our world-class proprietary algorithms as a dependable CADD CRO. We also license our software to industrial teams in need of innovative tools to complement their in-house expertise.

Our CEO, Josh Pottel, will detail some of our recent early-stage drug discovery projects using various computational tools that we have developed.

We will also discuss specifically how Chemspace libraries, combined with our virtual library design tools, have enabled us to provide high-quality hits and leads for our clients.'


Register via this link!