Not long ago the informational blog has published an analytical review about online marketplaces of life science.

The article says that there are many different benefits in using online platforms for buyers as well as suppliers of chemicals. By the way according to PwC research by 2020 e-commerce sales in the life science research market will approach 80 percent, while with the traditional sales methods (emails, conferences, paper journals and ads) they will be down to 20 percent. So it’s obvious that marketplaces act a big role in e-commerce in general, and they will certainly have a bright future in the area of life sciences.


The main goal of Chemspace marketplace is to be ‘one-stop-shop’ for searching and ordering building blocks. Besides the author says that it is also one of the largest database of building blocks in the world.
And it’s worth to say that the website is equipped with a lot of useful tools for customers which makes possible to search by chemical structure, CAS number, MFCD numbers, IUPAC name, catalog identifiers, and InChI keys.
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The article is available here.