The previous 2021 year was full of great challenging moments and achievements!

Today we really want to briefly share some of them:

1. Our catalog continues to grow! In 2021 the amount of In-Stock compounds increased by 30% and the choice of Make-On-Demand compounds doubled in size. This means that now we are covering more than 90% of the global stock and have an enormous unique portion of what could be made.
2. Our catalog is now even more accessible through global scientific research platforms. This helps people to get the best compound choices right away.
3. More than 10 PunchOut integrations with our clients around the world were established this year. Full Chemspace the catalog is now available for them in the most convenient form possible.
4. We are very proud to continue the webinar series with amazing specialists from academia and businesses. It is a great chance to create educational content for you to explore the most up-to-date technologies and trends.
5. We are very proud of our team members, who were actively engaged in publishing their work in scientific journals.
6. We continue to work on the website to provide you with the best user experience. It really pays off – we are very thankful when we see an increase in the statistics and your positive feedback. More new features are planned for 2022, so please stay tuned!
7. Our team is growing! We are welcoming new members on board. They have already become a great addition to our big Chemspace family.

And, of course, our biggest achievement is the fact that you, our customers and friends, have been staying with us through all 2021. We want to say a big THANK YOU to you for that!

Off to the new achievements together in 2022!