Dear friends and colleagues!

Join the Chemspace & UCSF Webinar 'Ultra Large-Scale Docking for Receptor Deorphanization', which will take place at 5:00 PM (CET) / 8:00 AM (PST) TOMORROW.


J.J. Irwin, R.M. Stein, J.K. Lyu, B.K. Shoichet, B.L. Roth, M.L. Dubocovich, Y.S .Moroz, S. Gahbauer
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, MC 2550
1700 4th St, San Francisco CA 94158-2330, USA


'Receptor deorphanization, the discovery of selective ligands for targets where none was previously known, is an important problem in biology because it enables new research. Molecular docking is a pragmatic approach to use protein structure for novel ligand discovery. Recently, virtual screening libraries have increased in size dramatically, driven by new building block synthesis and new reliable, low-cost reaction schemes.

We will show how molecular docking may be used to discover new ligands for previously orphan receptors[1], and reveal how the availability of these compounds can lead to new insights in pharmacology.'

[1] R.M. Stein, et. al, Nature, 2020, 609-614.

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