We are proud to announce our collaboration with Vision Arcanum!

This company is known for creating and improving an amazing technology of turning hand-drawn formulas into a computer-supported format. They state that it is the most natural way of drawing chemical structures, and we totally agree with that!

In our opinion, their tool Ink to Molecule has a big future in the world of chemical software. It is a great step to adapting chemical search for mobile devices.

Using this tool, you can instantly convert digital freehand drawings into a variety of chemical formats: SDF, SMILES, InChI, etc. Besides that, you are able to perform a search on this structure and get access to information about it.
Today Ink2Mol can recognize all basic elements including stereo bonds, bridges, charges, common abbreviations, and acronyms. Coming soon: chemical reactions, support for R-groups and other Markush elements, and more!

Hope you didn`t miss our webinar with the co-founder at Vision Arcanum Vadim Fedorov, who gave a short presentation of the beta version of the program and answered some questions on how the technology works.

If you didn't get a chance to join, the recording is available by this link!

Stay tuned for the following updates on our collaboration!