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Join Chemspace & Vision Arcanum 'Towards a more natural way to draw chemical structures', which will take place at 5:00 PM (CET) / 8:00 AM (PST) TOMORROW, on July 22nd, 2021.

The Speaker is Dr. Vadim Fedorov, Co-founder at Vision Arcanum.

'The Structural Formula is a compact and expressive graphical representation of chemical compounds. The notation is fairly standard and is well understood across various application fields. For a chemist, structural formulas are everywhere, in lecture notes, textbooks, lab notebooks, scientific papers, patents, blackboards, napkins, etc. They are drawn by hand and generated using software tools. Sometimes we need to turn a structural formula into a format suitable for a computer (SDF, SMILES, InChI, etc.). This is not always a simple task.

At Vision Arcanum we are developing a technology for automatic recognition of chemical structures. First and foremost the ones that are drawn by hand, since we believe that this is the most natural way of introducing chemical data into all kinds of informational systems and software tools. Ultimately our goal is to be able to recognize any structure (and reaction!) regardless of where it is coming from: generated on a computer, drawn by hand using pen and paper, or anything in between.'


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