Chemspace and ChemAlive have cooperated to provide accurate molecular structural information about commercial small molecules


Kyiv, Ukraine; Lausanne, Switzerland. June 2020. Today Chemspace, an online catalog with the largest offer of small molecules to search and buy, and ChemAlive, the largest repository of quantum chemical data, a Contract Research Company that develops software products to obtain accurate and reliable data on molecular properties, synthetic reactions, verification of molecules using quantum chemistry, announced the launch of the collaboration to provide accurate molecular structural information about commercial small molecules.


The ChemAlive quantum chemical molecular information database includes over 3 million molecules and 200 million structures. The Chemspace catalog has been integrated into the ChemAlive database, thereby expanding the variety of structures and providing researchers with an even larger array of data to search. Using a library or a single-molecule search, scientists can directly access commercial molecules from Chemspace and contextualize the molecular structure based on the requested calculations. Such steps can promote research and development, saving resources.


“This collaboration will contribute to the world's largest repository of relevant molecules for chemical research and is beneficial for customers of both companies”, comments Dr. Yurii Moroz, CEO of Chemspace.


“ChemAlive and Chemspace have partnered to deliver quantum chemistry to online commercial chemical space to improve customer confidence and research with more accurate molecular structural information”, adds Dr. Peter Jarowski, CEO of ChemAlive.