Chemspace Launches to Provide Largest Global Chemical Database and Search Tool

A group of chemical suppliers including Enamine, ChemBridge Corporation, UORSY and FCH Group, today announced launch of Chemspace, a global e-procurement marketplace solution for searching, purchasing and selling chemical building blocks. The Chemspace database currently encompasses over 15 million unique molecular building blocks, and is the world’s largest chemicals library. The online catalogue offers an easy, fast search facility, enabling users to enter a broad range of search parameters such as substructure and various text identifiers.

Use of the Chemspace database is free-of-charge for both suppliers and customers. There are no license fees for users to review and access the platform, and no commission charges for suppliers selling products. Chemspace invites global chemistry suppliers, ranging from small to large organizations, to upload their catalogues to the site, to provide an efficient solution for buyers when sourcing building blocks.

The new platform is focused on speed of delivery, aiming to supply chemical molecules within a minimum of 5 days, to a maximum of 6 weeks. These delivery deadlines ensure that vendors list only realistic and feasible molecules. Customers can forward their product requests directly to suppliers via the site, to identify the best prices for building blocks on the market.

David Lonergan, Director of Business Development at Chemspace, said: “We are launching Chemspace to address the issue of reliability of building block offerings. We aim to support customers in accessing the chemicals they need, at the best price, with rapid delivery, directly from suppliers.”

Dr. Sergey Altshteyn, President of ChemBridge, commented: “This initiative is a unique e-commerce platform, providing not only the world’s largest chemical building blocks product range, but also a user friendly interface, through which it is possible to efficiently procure products online. We encourage building block producers to join the free-of-charge platform to fully benefit from an optimal showcase.”

“We are delighted to support Chemspace in developing the world’s most comprehensive database of medchem building blocks. The site offers the possibility to display our innovative molecules as soon as they appear in our own catalogue,” said Vladimir Ivanov, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Enamine.

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