We are proud to announce a new selection of compound sets on our website – Covalent Modifiers! Our team developed as many as 40 libraries based on the covalent warhead of the molecule. All the compounds accord to the Rule of 3. Such division was done to ensure the best experience working with our product for the customers, but you still can download all the subsets together in one click! 

The libraries are waiting for your attention here!

Besides that, we also want to highlight the Cysteine Targeted and Lysine Targeted Covalent Modifiers Libraries. They are designed specifically to contain the warheads, that are reactive toward the corresponding residue of the proteins.

They are also available by this link.


All sets are 100% modifiable and available for cherry picking.  

If you have any questions about the product, just drop an email at info@chem-space.com.