Enamine, Ukrainian CRO, has agreed to extend its collaboration in early drug discovery with Actelion Pharmaceutical.




An official press release, dated 23rd January 2017, reports on the expansion of collaboration in drug discovery between Ukrainian building blocks producer Enamine Ltd and Swiss Biopharma – Actelion Pharmaceuticals (Actelion). The focus will be made on cardiovascular and central nervous system disorders, immunology, infectious diseases and oncology.


The companies have known each other since 2005. Enamine, having the world’s biggest collection of building blocks, has already gained recognition at European pharma giant Actelion. During the last 12 years their collaboration has increased greatly due to a growing demand of building blocks in drug discovery.



Conditions of expansion will include the decoration of Actelion’s scaffold compounds with Enamine’s building blocks to generate exclusive screening compounds by Enamine. The Enamine building blocks database will also be integrated into Actelion's IT platform to optimize access and ordering of any structure necessary for Actelion’s research project.



See official press release at enamine.net.