You already know, that our computational team developed a very useful algorithm to create compound libraries based on USRCAT similarity.

Today we are happy to present one more product based on this approach – Ion Channels Targeted Library!
Ion channels are a big class of therapeutic targets, they have a critical role in nerve and muscle relaxation, cognition, sensory transduction, regulation of blood pressure, and cell proliferation. This topic has a lot of potential in means of new active compounds, that might become drugs in the future.
The library includes 124K+ potentially active compounds against 153 targets. The materials, attach to it include a PDF information booklet and the full list of targets.
The library is already available for download on our website by this link.


We want to remind you, that if you didn`t find your specific target on our website, you can request a custom library.

If you have any questions, drop us an email at