Today we are launching a new series of posts - #Meet_Chemspace_team! We want to be close to our audience, so we introduce to you the people, who are working hard every day to make Chemspace better.


Of course, we are starting with Dr. Yurii Moroz – the CEO of Chemspace LLC. To be honest, we couldn’t pick a better person to start with.


You are used to seeing him in fancy corporative pictures, but today we wanted to share something a little more personal. Yurii likes riding his bike, so today he shared with us this picture. This hobby is very useful right now because gas shortages in Kyiv are crazy!


By the way, he also recently had an article posted called ‘Here in Ukraine, science continues under air raids’, so if you are interested in reading his personal experience with the war in Ukraine you should check it out. The article is available here: