We always get great feedback when launching our compound libraries, but now we want to help you to get to know the team of professionals behind creating them. So today we are going to start introducing the services of our Molecular Modeling Team!

Chemspace offers a great variety of Computational Chemistry Services, which you can find on the dedicated page on our website!


The first service we are going to talk about is Searching for Analogs.

Chemspace professionals are ready to help you with searching for compound analogs using 2D fingerprints (ECFP, FCFP, MACC Keys, etc) and/or 3D shape comparison (Electroshape, USRCAT, E3FP). Manual analogs selection is proven to give much more accurate results than the automatic approaches.

Our professionals value intellectual property and guarantee the confidentiality of your data.


Got interested or have any questions? Contact us enqury@chem-space.com