A new product created with our Ukrainian partners FCH Group, UORSY, and Intermed Chemicals is already available on our website! 

We were getting a lot of requests and inquiries, so we did our best to make it happen!


UA-12 Pre-Plated Diversity Set is a collection of 12K compounds with lead-like profiles. The set is a diversity set created to cover broad chemical space. The nearest neighbor similarity within the set is less than 0.65, which provides you with a diverse selection of scaffolds.  

The selected molecules possess lead-like properties and were cleared from PAINS.   


It’s time to click this link and check out the compound selection we offer!   

Different formatting options are available. The set can be formatted into storage plates or assay-ready plates with different amounts starting with a few nL. We are very flexible and are happy to provide you with the best option suitable for the needs of your project.


If you have any questions write an email at info@chem-space.com and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information.