MONMOUTH JUNCTION, New Jersey, US and MONTRÉAL, Québec, Canada – April 18, 2019 – Chemspace, the largest database of small molecules with over 130 million building blocks, fragments, and screening compounds, and Molecular Forecaster, a leading scientific software and consulting company accelerating various elements of the drug discovery pipeline, today announced a collaboration between chemical purchasing and chemical modeling for drug discovery and medicinal chemistry. Industrial and academic users of the FORECASTER software will be offered 10% savings on all molecules purchased from Chemspace. The inclusion of Chemspace chemical libraries within the FORECASTER computational modeling software will enable users to test molecules with the click of a button and then buy them to test experimentally. Moreover, the FORECASTER software tools, like FINDERS, SELECT, and REDUCE can search, cluster, and filter the large Chemspace database into more focused libraries. The condensed libraries can be used directly in structure-based drug design and metabolism prediction through FORECASTER’s automated workflows. No longer will medicinal and computational chemists need to wonder whether virtually tested molecules are available for purchase, where they might be bought, if they might be pure, or if they’ll ship in the next month. Chemists can confidently query a broad range of drug-like small molecules that come from one reputable source; no extra downloads, no format changes, no extra preparation required. The partnership between Chemspace and Molecular Forecaster further shortens the time-delay between virtual screening and experimental testing.


“Making the Chemspace database available for processing has always been important for us”, said Yurii Moroz, CEO of Chemspace. He continued, “the powerful FORECASTER software tools provide a convenient approach to explore such a large collection as ours, finding molecules for your research.”


“We are excited to be supported by a reputable chemical marketplace like Chemspace. Until now, we often had to manually curate chemical databases for availability, purity, and structural fidelity. This time-consuming, sometimes make-or-break activity is no longer necessary. It’s a huge advantage for beginner users, making the overall process even more accessible. The savings are a cherry on top,” said Josh Pottel, President of Molecular Forecaster.


For more information about Chemspace, please visit, and for more information about Molecular Forecaster.