The traditional way in Drug Discovery usually starts with an HTS campaign of large libraries of in-stock compounds for hits finding. This process, including hit-to-lead optimization, is costly both in terms of resources and time. Every year, the requirements for the safety and efficacy of drugs increase, which leads to an overall increase in campaign costs.


Drug repurposing, also known as drug repositioning, is one of the core approaches in Drug Development. The main idea behind drug repurposing is researching new indications and targets for already known or discontinued drugs. Declined drug candidates are also in the list. As a result of this approach, several blockbuster drugs have emerged recently. High efficiency and lower development cost are the features of these successful cases.


We at Chemspace offer a NEW pre-plated set of 4,200 compounds with approved drugs and clinical candidates. Data on the target, mechanism of action, clinical status, research and disease areas are taken from open data sources and included in the downloadable SD file. Just follow the link to check it out!


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