We are continuing our series of posts on PROTACs (post #1 here)!
The second post is devoted to linkers – a crucial part of PROTACs structure.


Last October, a group of researchers published a unique work on linkers, used for the PROTACs molecules design.  This review is very important because in recent works very little attention is paid to this part of the PROTAC structure. 

In this publication, the authors talk not only about classical PEG linkers but go more in-depth on other, more complex ones, like alkyne, triazole, piperazine, piperidine, etc. The process of linker design and their positioning on the warheads are two more important topics covered.

Based on the article, we prepared two compound sets of building blocks including piperazine and piperidine moieties, that are described as fragments of PROTACs linkers.

To download the sets, use these links:
      Piperazines set
      Piperidines set


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