Dear friends and colleagues! We would like to invite you to join Chemspace Webinar 'Application of Fragment Network to Chemspace database to find analogues', which will take place at 5PM (GMT+2) on September, 23. Please Sign in to join the webinar:


Chemspace currently offers over 800M million small molecules, building blocks, intermediates, fragments, and screening compounds for searching and buying purposes. The majority of the molecules is Make-on-Demand compounds, which are successfully used for finding analogues for hit molecules. Fragment network is one of the most recent approaches for searching analogues. This algorithm has been re-implemented in Fragalysis application created by Diamond together with Informatics Matters.


Dr. Yurii Moroz, CEO Chemspace and Dr. Tim Dudgeon, CEO of Informatics Matters will describe how the fragment network is created and show some applications of its utility, including finding analogues within the Chemspace database.