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Chemspace offers comprehensive services:

Custom synthesis

А wide range of small molecules needed to launch research and development projects within Chemspace's Delivering Discovery Solutions™. Many of the compounds are sometimes very difficult to find or difficult to synthesize. The individual synthesis will help accelerate the launch of projects on the market with our flexible business models for the collaboration tailored to needs and budget.

Medicinal chemistry support

That includes planning to hit evaluation and validation, lead optimization, and pre-clinical development, up to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and academia.

Biology services



Which is a powerful open-source tool for data mining, that allow us to search directly in the Chemspace database without using your browser. We provide two nodes for searching through Chemspace API: Chemspace Search (in the Chemspace database) and Chemspace Expanded Search (in REAL Database).

Safety Data Sheet files

(SDS) using the data from our suppliers and from our Quality, Standardization, and Certification experts. The files can be downloaded by specifying a structure identifier (CAS number, CS id, MFCD), and it possible to download Certificates of Analysis (CoA) for the compounds you purchased from Chemspace.

Our broad portfolio of capabilities and technologies and our expertise enable the streamlined development of competitive solutions with a strong focus on customer goals.