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Chemical space is huge. But only a small portion of it is currently synthesizable. A group of companies including Enamine, FCH Group, Intermed Chemicals, and UORSY, has decided to create a subset of chemical space covering make-on-demand building blocks. These MADE (MAke-on-DEmand) compounds are derived from in-stock available reagents coupled using well-documented synthetic protocols (up to 5 steps) which support acceptable synthesis time (up to 6 weeks on average) and high deliverability rate (> 70%).

The joint catalog of the MADE compounds contains hundreds of millions of items with price and estimated synthesis time listed. It is by far the world’s largest and most comprehensive catalog of all commercially available building blocks with less than 20 effective heavy atoms (not counting protecting groups)! Most of the compounds are novel and searchable and available only via the Chemspace platform.

*-the price and lead time might be subject to change. The actual information will be provided upon order confirmation from Chemspace Sales Team.

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