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Freedom Space


Virtual screening of ultra-large databases is a very challenging process. Besides that, the synthesis of hit compounds is usually expensive or even impossible due to the complexity of the molecules.
We at Chemspace found a great solution to address this issue.
Freedom Space is a collection of 201M molecules and is a valuable addition to Enamine REAL Space. It is a diverse set of compounds, 73% of which comply with Ro5.
Freedom Space was created by taking a selected set of in-stock building blocks from several suppliers and combining them utilizing six well-validated chemical transformations. They are acylation, reductive amination, arylation, etc.

We established a well-performing workflow:
- Virtual screening using Freedom Space (can be also performed by our Computational chemistry team, contact us for details)
- Delivery of the building blocks needed for the hit compounds to CRO(s)
- The compounds are made by the CRO(s)
- The hit compounds are delivered to you to proceed with the wet screening. Besides that, we can also perform the wet screening on our side for you to only enjoy the final results

Additionally, our professionals will be happy to provide you with analogs and custom chemical spaces around hit molecules.

This product has some great benefits:
- You can perform hit discovery in only 8 weeks
- Unique diverse chemical space
- Competitive compound pricing
- High synthesis success rate
- Assistance at every stage of the workflow

All the information mentioned above makes Freedom Space a great way to make your screening process faster, easier, and much cheaper.

We also prepared a flyer, that has all the information. You can download Freedom Space at the top of the page.

Freedom Space is also available in FTrees space format powered by our partners - BiosolveIT! The FTrees-based similarity search is available with the infiniSee tool.

For any questions feel free to contact us at enquiry@chem-space.com .