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OpenDEL - Billions in A Vial!


DNA-encoded chemical libraries (DEL) is an emerging technology combines benefits from both high-throughput screening and display technologies. The power of DEL lies in the ability to screen billions of small molecules in a single tube for interaction with a molecular target of interest.
Now Chemspace offers you OpenDEL®, a self-serve product from HitGen Inc. OpenDEL® has been first released by HitGen Inc. in 2015. After several years of evolution, it now contains 2 subsets of libraries: small molecule DELs and macrocyclic DELs. These libraries cover highly diverse, drug-like space of over 40 billion molecules. They have shown successful records against targets with pharmaceutical and academic interests, including PPI, kinase, transferase, protease and so on.

The advantages of OpenDEL®
1. Successful hit identification records.
2. Diverse structures and chemotypes with high synthesis quality in flexible packages.
3. Efficient standard DEL affinity selection and hit identification with the experts.
4. Manageable up-front costs for academic partners.
Please contact us at info@chem-space.com for more details.