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Phenotypic Screening Compounds Pre-Plated Library


Phenotypic Screening (PS) is a crucial part of early-stage Drug Discovery projects. In general, PS is focused on the overall effect that drug candidates cause in cells and does not concentrate on the effect on a single target like target-based screening. Exactly this way PS offers much more information on the disease phenotype because of identifying all associated targets with the potential to lead to previously unknown targets.
Other benefits of PS are control of the cell penetrability and toxicity of screening compounds. Identifying targets in PS is a challenging issue. However, the benefit of discovering various first-in-class drugs through phenotypic screens is worth it!

Chemspace Phenotypic Screening Pre-Plated Library of 4806 compounds was created by selecting diverse molecules with activity annotations in ChEMBL and favorable physicochemical profiles from the Chemspace Screening Catalog. All molecules that could possess PAINS and toxic characteristics have been removed from this set.
Chemspace Phenotypic Screening Pre-Plated Library is an excellent starting point for novel drug candidates and new drug targets identifying. All compounds in Phenotypic Screening Compounds Pre-Plated Library are pre-solved in DMSO and provided by Enamine and UORSY, reliable world-renowned producers.
For more information about the set or enquiring, contact us at info@chem-space.com.