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Flyers, Posters and Presentations


Photoinduced Fragment Libraries
Press Release V-SYNTHES
2023 Freedom Space
V-synthes (2023)
2023 Ukrainian Suppliers Unite
2022 Freedom Space
Fragment Libraries (August 2019)
Screening Compounds Sets (August 2019)
Chemspace Overview


CNS-Focused Library and PPI Modulators
Fluorine Fragments
Polyfunctional Building Blocks
RNA-Targeted Library


3D-Shaped Fragments
Covalent Fragments
Fluorine Fragments
General Fragments
Heavy Fragments
Modifiable Fragments
Saturated Fragments
Selected Fragments
Singleton Fragments
Spiro Fragments

CNS-Focused Library
Covalent Modifiers
Drug Impurities
Drug Repurposing
Framework-Derived set
High QED Compounds
Lead-Like Compounds
Phenotypic Screening set
PPI Modulators
Pre-Plated Compounds
RNA-Targeted Library
Virtual Screening set


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